The journey continues and we are lucky to share this moment together. My name is Julian Konopelski and I’m happy to see you here. Whether you are looking for inspiration, entertainment or connection, feel free to lurk through my site and find what you need. If you would like to talk about art or anything else really, or maybe create a project together, you know – I’m easy to find! Just send me a message through my website’s contact form and I will try to reply as soon as possible.
I started my creative activity in 2015. Since then I have released hundreds, maybe even more than a thousand projects: songs, designs, translations & other. When I ask myself: who am I? Who is Julian Konopelski? – I reply to myself: a curious space traveler, an assembler-of-things. I embrace curiosity and imagination in order to connect with the Universe.
Travel with me for a while
My website is a place where I can show the versatility of my work. You can find both personal and professional projects in the fields of design, music and translation. But apart from that, I work for Instituto Camões Warszawa and Ibericandum School. In both of these places I work with portuguese, but in different contexts.
I’m always up for creative work and pursuing creative solutions. Let me know, if you have an idea that you would like to share with me!
The journey continues…
Julian Konopelski