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Julian Konopelski – one of the translators of "Wampiry" (Os Vampiros), a comic about Portuguese soldiers on a special mission in Senegal during the Portuguese Colonial War.

Os vampiros

Julian Konopelski – redaction. "Szczurwysyny" (Os Filhos do Rato) by Luis Zhang and Fabio Veras is another comic about the Portuguese Colonial War. This time we are following a Guinean soldiers fighting for the Portuguese.

os filhos do rato

Julian Konopelski. Opowiadania przy ginie z tonikiem.

Opowiadania przy ginie z tonikiem

Translation by Julian Konopelski. Translating "Carta da Maré – manifesto das periferias" was a great experience. Working on important social projects is always motivating and rewarding.

Carta da Maré – manifesto das periferias

Translation by Julian Konopelski. Translating "A menina de lá" by one of my favorite writers, João Guimarães Rosa, was a big challenge and a thrill. I love working with Brazilian literature and especially with writers like Rosa. His literary style full of weird words, structures and neologisms is just amazing and translating becomes incredibly immersive, requiring a lot of creative work.

A MENINA DE Lá, João Guimarães Rosa

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